"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you..." -Maya Angelou

A Leading Boutique Screenwriting and Production Company

A Leading Boutique Screenwriting and Production Company

Kevin Jordan, the highly acclaimed headlining comedian and author, has turned his talents in a new direction. Films.  

Kevin has already penned two highly touted screenplays that have acquired rave reviews in film festivals and screenwriting competitions across the country!

“SLED RACE,”  adapted from Kevin’s award winning book, and Amazon best seller, “When the streetlights came on”  is a funny, heartwarming, nostalgic, Christmas movie with an all-black cast that is sure have everyone smiling and saying, “I remember that!” It’s said say you should never say, “It’s like no other film,” but SLED RACE truly sets a new standard for holiday films. Kevin likes to say, “SLED RACE will be a NAACP image award winner and the first Black Christmas classic. 

     What happens when you combine Kevin’s former career in law enforcement with his 30-year career in comedy? You get OLD PATROL! A hilarious, laugh out loud comedy about Claire Turner. A Cleveland Police officer who due to no fault of her own, and against her will, is forced to return to work 10 years after her retirement and has to train the most hapless recruit on the CPD! OLD PATROL has received countless accolades and high praise from film and screenplay competitions nationwide, and is currently ranked in the top 3% of Coverfly’s screenplay ranking system. 

Kevin is currently writing and developing a documentary titled, “ASSIDUOUS.”  Everyone knows the Kevin Harts, Chris Rocks, and the Jerry Seinfeld’s of the world, but what about the, Rodney Johnson’s? the Sam Fedele’s? or the thousands of other funny comedians who work on cruise ships, colleges, and clubs just to make ends meet. Funny comedians who’ve never got a break, and are not household names, but make you laugh just as hard. How do they handle their day to day lives on the road, and at home, without the high powered acclaim and stardom that goes with it.

Kevin, a gifted storyteller on stage, is a true believer that, “If we don’t tell our stories, who will?”  Kevin has had notable success at everything he’s attempted. From police work, to Stand-up comedy to authoring a book. So it’s a safe bet that now that Kevin has set his sights on the movie and film industry, he will be a major player in no time at all. Just you wait!



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Dem Jerden Boyz Productions, LLC. is a boutique screenwriting and media production company that produces quality comedic entertainment.

Dem Jerden Boyz Productions was founded by comedian, Kevin Jordan.

The mission of Dem Jerden Boyz Productions is to bring storytelling to the next generation. With established relationships in the media industry, Dem Jerden Boyz Productions will produce media content that leaves you wanting more…

"If we don’t tell our stories, who will?"

- Kevin Jordan

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